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Sylmar Studios Opens Set Lighting and Grip Rental Business

Featuring a Massive Inventory of Brand-New State-Of-The-Art Equipment.

By now, you may have heard of Sylmar Studios, a state-of-art film and television studio being developed in Sylmar, California.

Currently under construction and expected to come online in late 2023, the first phase of the project will feature 8 soundstages, 200,000 square feet of office space, the latest HVAC and electrical systems including N+1 backup power and more. But one feature of the Sylmar Studios campus is already open for business – the studio’s lighting and grip rental service. Featuring brand-new equipment, including the latest products from ARRI, Astera, Chroma-Q, Litegear, Joker and RatPac, Sylmar Studios is already servicing major television and film studios in Southern California with the most technologically advanced equipment available anywhere.

“The amazing thing about building lighting and grip inventory from scratch is that we have been able to purchase the latest technology, the products that we know are in high demand from the production community,” says Chris Fox, who oversees the Sylmar Studios’ rental business. “We have the latest in LED, HMI and Tungsten lighting and everything that goes with it.”

Fox estimates that the company has acquired more than 40,000 pieces of new equipment so far, with more on the way. “It’s been like Christmas for a year straight, opening boxes and learning all the nuances of this advanced equipment,” says Fox.

Each piece of new equipment has been rigorously tested before making it onto the rental floor. And since the company is so new, Sylmar Studios has been able to build its inventory in a very powerful way, ensuring that the studio has plenty of the latest equipment that is in the highest demand.

But a huge inventory of the latest equipment is just the starting point for Sylmar Studios. “Our goal is to be the Four Seasons of the lighting and grip rental business,” says Fox. “We never say ‘no,’ and accommodate the needs of our clients in every way possible, offering the same level of quality, service and expertise that our clients can expect when our production facilities open in 2023. Our rental business is the first expression of our brand, and so it’s incredibly important to us that each and every client has a great experience working with us.”