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Why Sylmar Studios Lighting & Grip is Betting Big on the Cineo ReFlex R15

Sylmar Studios’ grand opening is still months away but that doesn’t mean that the brand-new facility isn’t already working with Hollywood’s film and television productions.

In fact, the company’s lighting and grip rental business is fully online and is currently serving a number of local productions.

Sylmar Studios built its lighting and grip inventory from scratch, acquiring more than 40,000 pieces of new equipment within the last few months, featuring many of the biggest name brands in HMI and Tungsten lighting. One brand new LED lighting system that the company feels represents the future of where the business is going is the Cineo ReFlex R15. In fact, Sylmar bought about 25 of the advanced units and is planning to add more.

“One of the luxuries of building our inventory from the ground up is that we have the ability to choose the most advance lighting systems available,” said Sylmar Studios Lighting & Grip manager Chris Fox. “And having Cineo lights in our inventory was something that we felt was critical as we position ourselves to serve the ever-changing needs of modern film and television productions.”

Cineo ReFlex R15 lights

The ReFlex R15 features Cineo’s groundbreaking technology that delivers a high-output, focusable-beam, in a fully dimmable hard light. The light delivers 125,000 lumens of flicker-free and color-stable digital lighting with less than a 1500-watt AC power draw, meaning it can run on a typical 20-amp circuit, providing an environmentally sustainable alternative LED lighting solution to high-output tungsten and large HMI fixtures on the market.

Chuck Edwards, Vice President of LED Innovation at Cineo has said “The R15 technology is truly unique and has been awarded 4 patents. From liquid cooling to digital beam control, we are confident when we say no other LED hard light can do what the R15 does.”

In addition to the ReFlex R15’s cutting-edge technology, the team at Cineo has continued to raise the bar when it comes to lighting control with their Cineo Stagelynx software. Cineo Stagelynx makes the user experience seamless – providing a full complement of remote-control protocols that can be controlled directly on each product or via the Stagelynx mobile app. Supported by DMX/RDM, CRMX wireless, and sACN/ArtNet over ethernet, each Cineo unit is packed with all the latest technology, water-resistant, and weighs in at under 75 lbs.

“Our customers demand the latest technology, and our mission is to deliver that,” continues Fox. “The ReFlex R15 is in high demand because it is one of the most powerful, dynamic and flexible lighting systems available. I suspect we’ll continue to build upon our Cineo inventory. That’s what the industry is asking for.”